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Engineering News / Mining Weekly – August 2004

Italy’s Brevini Riduttori, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of mechanical power transmission systems, is exhibiting a range of low-weight and high-efficiency planetary gearbox, track and slewing drive products and PIV helical, bevel helical and spiral bevel gearboxes, all of which provide operators with the highest levels of performance, reliability and flexibility in mining applications.

The power transmission products being exhibited at Electra Mining 2004 by Brevini and its subsidiary, PIV Drives, are proved in all areas of mining operations – excavation, bulk materials handling, crushing and ship loading. Either singly or in combination, they provide the user with powerful and flexible size-and-performance packages available in the power-transmission market.

In the area of excavation, Brevini is exhibiting several products, including its recently launched ‘S’ series planetary gearboxes. These units feature a revolutionary new epicyclic gear design, which increases the power available by up to 60% compared to traditional gearbox designs, without affecting the overall weight of the design.

Available in eight sizes, with up to four reduction stages and offering maximum nominal torque outputs up to 370 000 Nm, the high-torque, low-weight ‘S’ series offers all the high-torque performance, robustness and reliability required in the extraction and mining industries.

Brevini’s planetary technology is also on display in a range of slewing drives that are widely used on excavators and cranes. Rated for operation up to 96 000 Nm, the RPR slewing drives are an essential component in ensuring reliable operation and in keeping weight and size to a minimum on excavation and construction equipment and also discharge booms.

Also being exhibited are PIV’s modular range of Posired 2 gearboxes, for use in main drives, travel drives, conveyor drives and lifting gear. The Posired 2 series of precision helical and bevel-helical gear units enables even the most complex excavator drive problems to be solved ‘off-the shelf’, with substantial savings in time and cost.

Offering output torques up to 80 000 Nm, Posired 2 is a highly versatile modular system embracing a small nucleus of parts which can be assembled in a myriad of combinations to provide optimised power-transmission solutions, both standard and bespoke, quickly, with high levels of quality and at competitive cost.

The flexibility and modularity of the Posired 2 system are also being highlighted at Electra Mining Africa 2004 as the main travel drive systems for large outdoor bulk materials-handling conveyors.

Complementing the Posired 2 as a main drive for bulk materials handling conveyors is Brevini’s multistage SC series of right-angle planetary gearboxes. Because these units employ a planetary gear train, they are able to deliver high reduction ratios in small packages, and to transmit several times the torque of similarly sized conventional gear units. In addition, they can be half the size of conventional gear units, yet transmit the same or higher levels of torque. They also fit where others will not, which translates into easier installation and neater design solutions.

The ability to reduce size and weight on mobile crusher plant is being displayed by Brevini, with its CTU range of compact track drives. Designed for use on mobile plant weighing from 1,5 t to 40 t, the CTU drives are compact units that mount inside the track sprockets of vehicles. They are rotary-case type planetary units that utilise multiple gear stages to reduce size. CTU drives are available with integrated hydraulic motors, which are either axial or orbital piston types, and can be fitted with options such as brakes and a disconnect device to aid towing.

Brevini Riduttori is one of the major worldwide producers of planetary- gearbox technology, and has subsidiaries in more than 25 countries. Since its establishment in Italy in 1960, Brevini has used the higher torque, smaller size and improved efficiency advantages of its planetary gearboxes to revolutionise the transmission of torque in all areas of industry, transport, construction, mining, processing, agriculture, utilities, machine tools and many more.

PIV Drives, part of Brevini Riduttori, was a pioneer in developing modular concepts for its comprehensive Posired 2 range of helical, bevel helical and spiral bevel gearboxes. This was a far-sighted initiative that is benefiting customers across all industries, providing the flexibility to deliver optimised power transmission solutions, both standard and bespoke, quickly with high levels of quality and at competitive cost.

Meanwhile, Brevini Riduttori has introduced a range of Atex-compliant planetary gearboxes suitable for applications in zones where explosive atmospheres may occur, and also in areas characterised by the presence of gas mixtures and/or combustible powders.

The Atex-compliant gearboxes are flange-mounted units from Brevini’s ED (two-stage), ET (three-stage) and EQ (four-stage) series. Supplied with splined female outputs, these gearboxes are designed for a range of industrial and processing applications, providing nominal torque up to 8 500 Nm, transmission ratios up to 3 300 iN and output power up to 50 kW.

In common with Brevini’s standard series planetary gearboxes, the Atex-compliant units are designed to a flexible modular system, which allows the planetary stages to be combined easily, to match the increasing torque being transmitted through a gearbox.


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